We want you all to be comfortable getting around NYU and NYC. Please review the information below to become more familiar with how to navigate your new summer home!

Getting to NYU

Directions on how to get to NYU are online.  There is no NYU transportation service to bring you to NYU from the local airports (LaGuardia, JFK, or Newark Liberty).  You are responsible for transportation from the airport to NYU.  There are many ways to get from the airport to campus including buses and trains.  The easiest way to get to campus is to use a taxi. If you use a taxi, be sure to get one from an official airport taxi stand.  DO NOT accept a ride from an unauthorized taxi driver! 

NYU Campus
NYU's interactive campus map allows you to identify where all NYU Buildings are located. Residential students will be living in Weinstein Hall on University Place.

Don't know what building your classes are in? Check your student schedule on Albert!
Viewing your weekly schedule will allow you to see the entire building name and/or address. If the building name is still abbreviated you can click here to view an abbreviation key.

Now that you have identified your class buildings, you know the distance from Weinstein Hall to class to the subway stations and to Bobst Library! Most students walk around campus to get from place to place, but you can also utilize the NYU bus system.  Limited E bus service will be available between Union Square and Washington Square during the summer.  Students must show their NYU ID cards to use the bus.

NYC Maps
New York City is a great metropolis and we want all students to take advantage of being here! NYU Precollege students will be chaperoned on activities taking place in all five boroughs. To become familiar with the city before you arrive, check out the maps below:
A View On Cities 
New York City Maps, Manhattan Map

To use public transportation in the city, students must purchase MetroCards. One ride on a bus or subway is $2.25, but you can receive discounts when you buy a MetroCard with multiple rides.  Students will be responsible for obtaining their own MetroCards. You may purchase your Metrocard from vending machines in any subway station.  The standard MetroCard costs $4.50 and allows two entrances or "rides" on the subway. For more information about MetroCards, please visit the MTA website

Please note: Transportation is not included in the cost of Precollege activities.  To participate in any Precollege activity taking place off-campus, students must have their own MetroCards.

Commuter Transportation
For commuter students travelling to NYU's campus, please become familiar with the mode of transportation and route that is most efficient from your home. Please click here for detailed information about transportation discounts and links to the webpages of area transportation services such as New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad, MetroNorth, and PATH.
Safety Tips
We want all students to be safe while traveling around campus and the city. Basic safety tips are available on the NYU Public Safety website.  All students are encouraged to read this information prior to their arrival.

NYU's Student Resource Center (SRC) Summer Guide
NYU's Student Rescource Center has compiled a summer guide for all students. You can now use your travel and safety information with the summer guide and decide on an amazing adventure during your time here, and learn about resources that will be available to you!
Please remember to submit ALL mandatory Precollege Forms to the Office of University Programs by June 1st. All NYU Precollege Forms can be found in the NYU Precollege Handbook under "Admissions Forms." All forms, even health-related forms, must be submitted to the Office of University Programs.  Please do not send forms to the NYU Student Health Center.  The six (6) mandatory NYU Precollege Forms are:
  • NYU Precollege Contract
  • Emergency Contact Sheet
  • Authorization for the Treatment of a Minor
  • MMR Immunization Form
  • Meningitis Form
  • NYU Precollege Liability Waiver
The Photograph Release form is optional but encouraged. We would love for all of our participants to be in photos on the blog throughout the summer.

If we have received all of your forms, you will not receive a communication from our office. We will only contact you if we do not receive all of your forms.

As an NYU Student, you will be given an NYU ID card that enables access to all NYU resources and buildings during the program. Although the NYU ID card will be your primary ID while you are at NYU, you should bring another form of photo identification as well. Examples of photo identifications include:
  • Driver's Permit
  • Driver's License
  • State Identification
  • High School Identification
  • Passport

You will need a valid photo ID to get your NYU ID card, and it is a good idea to have a second ID on hand if your NYU ID card is lost or stolen and you need a back-up ID until you get a new card.

Also remember to pack your health insurance card and to carry it with you while in the program!  That way, you are covered in case of an emergency.
All NYU Precollege students will be issued an NYU ID card while in the program.  The NYU ID card will allow you into NYU buildings and grant you access to NYU services.  You should carry your ID card with you at all times while at NYU Precollege!

But how do you get your NYU ID card?

If you are a residential student living on campus, you will receive instructions via email from the Office of Summer Housing on how to submit a valid photo for your ID.  Watch your email inbox for this information from Summer Housing!  If you submit a photo in advance, your NYU ID card will be printed prior to move-in day on July 1.  Residential students can get their NYU ID cards from the Card Center help desk in the lobby of the Kimmel Center for University Life (60 Washington Square South) on move-in day anytime between 9 am and 5 pm.

If you are a commuter student, you can have your picture taken and card printed directly at the NYU Card Center.  The Card Center is located at 383 Lafayette Street at the corner of 4th Street.  You can get your card anytime Monday-Thursday from 9 am to 6 pm or Friday from 10 am to 4 pm prior to the start of the program.  Most commuter students go to the Card Center while they are on campus for the NYU Precollege Commuter Orientation.  This year’s commuter orientation will take place Friday, June 29 from 11 am to 1 pm in the Kimmel Center for University Life (60 Washington Square South).

Today is the deadline to pay your NYU summer e-bill!  If you have not yet viewed your bill for payment, please read our previous post entitled Why can't I find my bill?
The next important tasks you must complete before arriving for NYU Precollege is to read the NYU Precollege Handbook and submit your admissions forms. The forms are available on the NYU Precollege website.

**Please note** ALL forms must be sent to the Office of University Programs. Our staff is responsible for filing and distributing all forms. Do not send the medical forms to the NYU Student Health Center.  We will make sure your information is distributed to the offices at NYU that need it.

The Photo Release form is optional. If you do not send the Photo Release form, University Programs will assume you do not wish to be included in any photo taken during the duration of the NYU Precollege.

You will receive an e-mail from our office if any of the forms are missing/incomplete. If you do not receive an e-mail, your submission was successful.
We know you are all busy with your last weeks of school and you may not be thinking about moving in for NYU Precollege- but we are! NYU Precollege is just around the corner, and now is a good time to start thinking about travel plans.

No matter how you plan to arrive on campus--by airplane, car, bus, train, or camel caravan--please plan to arrive at Weinstein Hall (5-11 University Place) on Sunday, July 1st between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. This will give you ample time to settle in before the student orientation begins at 5:00 pm. If you move in earlier in the day with your parents in tow, we will be having parent orientations at 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm!

The last day of NYU Precollege is Friday, August 10. Students must check out by 6:00 pm that day.
Are you have trouble finding your bill? Your bill is available through your Student Center in NYUHome. Instructions on how to view and pay your e-bill are online. The video is especially helpful!

Have you looked online as directed and a bill is still not visible on your account? You may not be enrolled in courses. If you are on the waitlist for a course, that course will not be included in your tuition or bill. You must be fully registered in a course for the University to charge tuition.  Therefore, if you are only on waitlists, your bill will be incomplete or missing.

To receive a bill and be fully enrolled as a NYU Precollege student, it is best to register in other courses that are open.  Take a look at the precollege course list online and choose second-choice courses of interest!  You can set-up a course swap or drop the second-choice course should you get into a waitlisted course. More information is available on the NYU Precollege Academics page above.

Are you successfully enrolled in your courses and are still unable to find your bill? Please contact the Bursar Office at 1-212-998-2800 or 1-212-998-2806
Want to know what books and supplies you will need for your courses?

Students are responsible for getting their own books.  Books and materials are available through the NYU Bookstore. You can view your book list online once your course registration is set.  Just enter your NYU N number or net ID and date of birth.  If no books are listed for a course, do not worry!  Your professor may not have ordered books through the Bookstore yet.  You will always receive your reading list on the first day of class.  Once you have your book list, you can purchase your books from the Bookstore online or in person.  The Bookstore is located at 726 Broadway.  The Bookstore offers new and used book options.

You may also consider other vendors from which to obtain your textbooks, such as buying them from Amazon.com or renting them from Chegg.com. Whichever medium you choose, please be mindful of the time it will take for materials to arrive to you if you order them through the mail!