Today is the final day of NYU Precollege.  Classes are finished, the residential students are moving out, and the commuters are taking their last train home.  As we wrap-up the NYU Precollege blog with this post, we want to thank all of the students and parents who participated in the program this year.  It was an exciting summer, and we hope the students enjoyed their college experience in New York City and at NYU!  We certainly had a great time during the program, and we will miss having all the students on campus!
We wish you all the best with your studies this academic year and beyond in college!

Thank you,
Office of University Programs
Weinstein Hall
Ambassador applications are due in two weeks! Students interested in being a NYU Precollege Ambassador for the 2012-2013 school year should not forget to submit their application! The application was emailed to students' NYU  accounts on August 1st. If you cannot retrieve that email, you can click here to download a copy of the application.

The NYU Precollege survey is also due in two weeks! Students received the survey via email on August 1st.  Thank you to all students who have already completed the survey. The Office of University Programs and Weinstein Staff have already begun to review your answers. Your feedback is greatly appreciated and assists us in making the program even better every year!

The deadline for both the ambassador application and the NYU Precollege survey is 5:00pm on Friday, August 31st. We look forward to hearing from you!
To view your final course grades, please click the drop down arrow under the Academics portion of your Student Center home page in Albert. When you press the arrow, scroll down to Grades. Press the >> button next to the drop down to proceed to your grades. Please allow professors up to three weeks to post grades on to your NYU Albert account.

We recommend that you do not request your official transcript until all of your grades are posted and your record is complete.  Detailed instructions on how to request your official NYU transcript are available on the Registrar's webpage. There is no limit on the amount of transcripts a student can request. You can request for transcripts to be sent to your house or directly to a school or university for admissions purposes.
NYU will not be the same on Monday- we cannot believe NYU Precollege is over! We spoke to some students who came into the Academic Resource Center (ARC) during finals weeks. Experiencing their first final was intense for some, but the students completed the week with flying colors!  They are now ready for college!  During the week, students had study breaks and small socials to give them some downtime in between their final examinations and papers. And everyone--the students, P.A.s, and professional staff--enjoyed the big end-of-program celebration on Thursday night.  We took in the NYC skyline from the river as we enjoyed a dinner cruise around the harbor.  Everyone dressed up, danced, and took many pictures!  For those students who were unable to make the cruise, we hope you still got a chance to say goodbye to all your new friends you met during NYU Precollege. 
We hope all students had a wonderful time on events these last six weeks!
We know that students are very busy this week with their final examinations! Therefore, we are keeping our events to a minimum to encourage students to study and to help support their hard work.  We will have our weekly social for commuter students on Tuesday (a great way to relieve a little stress), and study breaks in Weinstein Hall for residential students. By Thursday evening, most students will be finished with their courses and will be able to join us for our end-of-program celebratory dinner cruise around Manhattan Island!  As with all other programs throughout NYU Precollege, students should look for the email they will receive this week containing the RSVP form for these events. We cannot wait to upload cruise pictures next Friday!

One more week to go? We can't believe Week 5 went by so quickly. Our undergraduate admissions counselors were thrilled to meet with so many Precollege students interested in attending NYU as undergraduates! If students have thought of more questions about the University, they are welcome to contact the counselors with whom they spoke and ask! Besides our weekly programs, such as working out with P.A. Kate and the commuter socials, students also went to a Yankee's game and the United Nations! We are very excited for this weekend's activities, including the end of the year banner, a trip to the Bronx Zoo, and the talent show!

Experiencing college life may have been difficult for students at first, but after six weeks many have become experts! They have survived their first midterm week and are currently studying for final exams and completing final papers. Because Precollege students have experienced college life for only six weeks, they may expect a seamless transition back to their high school curriculum, teachers, environment, expectations, etc. Some students, however, may experience a level of difficulty with this transition. 

Past Precollege students have found that many of their high school teachers encourage them to continue using the techniques they learned at NYU Precollege, while other teachers may want them to continue completing assignments as they did prior to Precollege. Students who are not encouraged to use new methods should not feel down! You may not be motivated to complete you assignments at first, but remember that your high school grades help you get into college. What you have learned during your college experience is still important and will be useful after you graduate from high school. You will have the opportunity to express all that you have learned when you write your personal statements for your college applications, and when you return to a college campus for class you will be prepared to hit the ground running!

NYU Precollege students remain a part of the Precollege community well after August 10.  After the end of the program, they officially become NYU Precollege Alumni!  With each passing year, the alumni community grows, so you never know when and where you might bump into a fellow alumnus or alumna parent.

Each year, new alumni have the opportunity to apply to be a NYU Precollege Ambassador!  As ambassadors, students assist the NYU Precollege staff in improving NYU Precollege for future participants. There are several ways to be involved, including speaking at information sessions for potential students, providing NYU with meaningful feedback to help us improve the program each year, answering questions from prospective students, and more!

If a student is interested in serving as a NYU Precollege Ambassador for the 2012-13 academic year, he/she should apply! Applications were emailed to all students
on August 1.  The application is also available here.  The deadline to submit the application is 5:00 p.m. on Friday, August 31.  Students may submit the application in person to the front desk of the Academic Resource Center at 18 Washington Place, or submit the application via email or fax to the Office of University Programs.  If the application is emailed or faxed, we ask that it be submitted (with any supporting materials) as one single document.  August 31 will come around faster than you know, so the sooner you submit your application the better!

Students with questions about being a NYU Precollege Ambassador may contact the Office of University Programs.  Students who would like to contact a past ambassador to learn more about the experience may email Krysta Battersby at

We look forward to receiving all of your applications!