Want to know what books and supplies you will need for your courses?

Students are responsible for getting their own books.  Books and materials are available through the NYU Bookstore. You can view your book list online once your course registration is set.  Just enter your NYU N number or net ID and date of birth.  If no books are listed for a course, do not worry!  Your professor may not have ordered books through the Bookstore yet.  You will always receive your reading list on the first day of class.  Once you have your book list, you can purchase your books from the Bookstore online or in person.  The Bookstore is located at 726 Broadway.  The Bookstore offers new and used book options.

You may also consider other vendors from which to obtain your textbooks, such as buying them from Amazon.com or renting them from Chegg.com. Whichever medium you choose, please be mindful of the time it will take for materials to arrive to you if you order them through the mail!
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