It is a good idea to register for your courses as soon as possible. Tips about registration are available on the NYU Precollege Academics page above!  
Amber Urena
5/3/2012 01:28:54 am

I'm so excited for this summer! However, I was wondering what the best step to take is if both the courses I was planning on taking have waiting lists? Thanks.

Krysta (Gradaute Precollege Coordinator)
5/3/2012 01:46:41 am

Hi Amber,

The Office of University Programs is just as excited as you are about NYU Precollege 2012! As for your question, the Office of University Programs can't guarantee any student will be taken off the waitlist. Our office encourages you to register for two other courses of your interest in case you can't get into your first choices. Please visit the NYU Precollege Academics tab for information pertaining to Precollege courses/registration!

5/21/2012 07:22:51 pm

When I try to enroll for my classes, the Student Center website says that I do not have access to enrollment at this time. How can I fix this? Thanks so much!

Kristin (University Programs)
5/22/2012 12:01:59 am

Thank you for you comment. If you, or any other Precollege student, has questions about registration, it is best to email We can address your questions via email more quickly than via comments on this blog. I see you have already emailed University Programs--which is great! We are looking into your question and you will receive a response via email very soon!

6/24/2012 05:13:23 pm

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