We hope all of our residential students brought enough luggage to fit the mementos they've accumulated over the duration of Precollege! We know it may be difficult to plan to leave while preparing for finals.  Our staff will be speaking with students about the moving out process to help them prepare as much as possible in advance!  We hope the below information is helpful for parents.

Precollege students living on campus must check out of Weinstein Hall no later than 6:00 p.m. on Friday, August 10.

Students who complete their courses and finals before August 10 may check out earlier if they wish. Students who need to stay in Weinstein until Saturday, August 11 due to extraneous circumstances should email Josh Hartman at jmh26@nyu.edu requesting an extended stay and explaining why they are unable to leave on August 10.  No student can stay in Weinstein Hall after August 11. 

Students who plan to leave before or after August 10 should inform their P.A. or the Weinstein staff as soon as possible of the date and time they will check out so the residence hall staff can assist you.

Moving Out Procedure
Students who kept the linens provided by Weinstein will receive two garbage bags from their P.A.  One bag is for the blankets and pillows, and the second bag is for all other linens. Students should leave these bags in their rooms for collection by staff after check out. Linens should not be left in the lobby or hallways of Weinstein Hall.  Moving carts will be available to students until 6:00 p.m.on August 10 to help them pack and move their belongings.

Once students have vacated their rooms, they should submit their room keys and NYU ID to the Resource Center in the Weinstein lobby.  For security reasons, students cannot keep their NYU ID.

Late Night Checkout
Students checking out before August 10 during late night hours can do so even if the Resource Center is closed. If a student leaves past 9:00 p.m. before that Friday, he/she can see the Public Safety officer to compete the check out procedure. Students will be required to fill out a piece of paper indicating that they have vacated their room and place the piece of paper, along with their room keys and NYU ID, in an envelope to be left with Public Safety. 

ALL ROOMS MUST BE LEFT THE WAY THEY WERE FOUND! Students who do not leave their rooms in a decent condition may be subject to fines. These fines will appear on the student's account with the NYU Bursar.  Unpaid fines on a student's account will restrict him/her from retrieving their transcript from NYU Precollege.  

If students have any questions regarding move out, they should ask their P.A.s!
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