Precollege Forms
Any student who has NOT already submitted the NYU Precollege forms should do so as soon as possible.  You cannot participate in NYU Precollege if you do not submit forms.  Forms are online in the NYU Precollege Handbook.  All forms should be submitted together as one pdf attached to an email to or as one fax to 212-995-4642.
If you have already submitted your forms to the Office of University Programs, great!  You are set and can disregard this reminder!

Student Account Balances
It is a good idea to double check your student account balance on NYUHome before arriving on campus to make sure all charges are paid and your account is settled.  Even if you think you have paid your bill in full, check again!  You want to make sure you haven't accidentally missed a charge.
Instructions on how to view and pay your bill online are available here.  The video is especially helpful!
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