Are you have trouble finding your bill? Your bill is available through your Student Center in NYUHome. Instructions on how to view and pay your e-bill are online. The video is especially helpful!

Have you looked online as directed and a bill is still not visible on your account? You may not be enrolled in courses. If you are on the waitlist for a course, that course will not be included in your tuition or bill. You must be fully registered in a course for the University to charge tuition.  Therefore, if you are only on waitlists, your bill will be incomplete or missing.

To receive a bill and be fully enrolled as a NYU Precollege student, it is best to register in other courses that are open.  Take a look at the precollege course list online and choose second-choice courses of interest!  You can set-up a course swap or drop the second-choice course should you get into a waitlisted course. More information is available on the NYU Precollege Academics page above.

Are you successfully enrolled in your courses and are still unable to find your bill? Please contact the Bursar Office at 1-212-998-2800 or 1-212-998-2806
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