NYU will not be the same on Monday- we cannot believe NYU Precollege is over! We spoke to some students who came into the Academic Resource Center (ARC) during finals weeks. Experiencing their first final was intense for some, but the students completed the week with flying colors!  They are now ready for college!  During the week, students had study breaks and small socials to give them some downtime in between their final examinations and papers. And everyone--the students, P.A.s, and professional staff--enjoyed the big end-of-program celebration on Thursday night.  We took in the NYC skyline from the river as we enjoyed a dinner cruise around the harbor.  Everyone dressed up, danced, and took many pictures!  For those students who were unable to make the cruise, we hope you still got a chance to say goodbye to all your new friends you met during NYU Precollege. 
We hope all students had a wonderful time on events these last six weeks!
9/17/2012 12:16:44 pm

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