Is your student homesick or in any way having difficulty adjusting to NYU Precollege?  This is very common!  NYU Precollege is a time for many "firsts" for students: first time from home, first time in New York City, first time living in a dorm with a roommate.  The experience can be overwhelming and students often long for the comfort of home.

If your student seems a little down during a phone conversation, give them a hand by reminding them that they are not alone.  Despite what they may think, many of their fellow students are feeling the exact same thing!  Also, there are many resources available to them to help them as they adjust to being in college and in the program.

First, they should attend Precollege programs and reach out to other students.  Making friends is a two-way street, and sometimes students need encouragement to be first to say hello and introduce themselves.  Our programs are excellent opportunities for students to meet new people and make connections!

Also, students feeling homesick should speak with their P.A. or another Precollege staff member.  We are very friendly and are here to help!

Finally, there are services available at NYU for students having trouble adjusting to school or living on their own for the first time.  The Wellness Exchange is a helpline staffed by counselors that help connect to counseling services and similar on campus. Counseling services are also available at the Student Health Center.  For students having trouble with classes, we have tutoring services available through the University Learning Center and Writing Center.  Mike West, their academic advisor, is also available to help with any questions or concerns about courses. Information about all these resources have been included in your student's orientation folder.

The best thing you can do if your student is feeling low is to encourage them to get out and get active!  Participating in events and meeting people or connecting with support services to help with college adjustment and class are the best ways a student can work through homesickness.

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