NYU's annual College Fair will take place next Wednesday, July 18th from 5-7 p.m. on the 10th floor of the Kimmel Center for University Life at 60 Washington Square South. There are no other Precollege activities happening that night so students have ample time to meet with school representatives of interest.

The NYU College Fair is a public event! It is open to anyone. If you know a high school student or parent who is interested in attending a college fair, please pass the information along! Do keep in mind that even though the event is open, we highly encourage all Precollege students to attend as well!

7/31/2012 07:31:46 pm

Finally, students are informed when they take a leave that, by definition, a "leave" is a period of time the student chooses to remove herself from the NYU Precollege program. As such, students cannot participate in any Precollege events during the time of their leave and are expected to remain off campus until their leave ends. Leaves also do not excuse students from missing or late work. They are expected to meet the requirements of their courses despite any time on leave.

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