Please remember to submit ALL mandatory Precollege Forms to the Office of University Programs by June 1st. All NYU Precollege Forms can be found in the NYU Precollege Handbook under "Admissions Forms." All forms, even health-related forms, must be submitted to the Office of University Programs.  Please do not send forms to the NYU Student Health Center.  The six (6) mandatory NYU Precollege Forms are:
  • NYU Precollege Contract
  • Emergency Contact Sheet
  • Authorization for the Treatment of a Minor
  • MMR Immunization Form
  • Meningitis Form
  • NYU Precollege Liability Waiver
The Photograph Release form is optional but encouraged. We would love for all of our participants to be in photos on the blog throughout the summer.

If we have received all of your forms, you will not receive a communication from our office. We will only contact you if we do not receive all of your forms.

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