It is midterm time for students! This is the first time most students are experiencing the hustle and bustle of midterms, and we want to make sure they feel supported.

Please remind your son/daughter to review their notes with other classmates and ask their professor any questions they may have. Forming study groups with other students and speaking to professors is usually very helpful.

If your student is having a little trouble with coursework, encourage her not to wait until after the midterm examination/paper to speak to her professor. Students may also visit NYU's University Learning Center for tutoring services and study tips or the Writing Center for guidance on their papers and other written work.

These study tips and more information about these resources was shared with students during orientation. All students have a list of NYU offices, services, and resources in their orientation folders.  If they need another copy of this information, they may visit Krysta Battersby in the Academic Resource Center (ARC) located on 18 Washington Place, between Greene Street and Washington Square East.

Encourage your student to reach out for help if he needs it!  An abundance of resources and services are available! 
7/31/2012 07:32:11 pm

We are looking forward to another wonderful week at NYU Precollege!

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